Real World Hero 2012 and Beyond: Here We Go!

The 2012 Real World Hero Charity Drive is underway!

Things are a little different this year, because of the pending closure of the City of Heroes MMO which has been our home for the past several years. Still, we are determined to continue on and have felt the support of quite a number of our fellow heroes. The auction is indeed underway and has a lot of bid-worthy swag. We are working on additional events to share time with our community in game and promote Real World Hero.

Most importantly, we want everyone to know that the charity drive is not ending on November 30th when the servers go dark for City of Heroes. As terribly sad and upsetting as it is, we hope the Real World Hero charity drive can continue on and do good for a long time to come. We ask that you take Real World Hero with you into whatever game or community you may find yourself and let us know where you are. We hope to find welcome among the broader world of gamers and invite them to take part. The folks at Paragon Studios often said that City of Heroes had the most amazing, giving and kindest players…lets show them and the gaming world at large that no matter what, that is -exactly- what we remain.

Let’s make this a really great time of fun, good works, and community! We won’t have spiffy gold titles anymore, but we will always consider you all to be Real World Heroes! (with a little invisible title floating just above your heads.)

Mr. & Mrs. Wentworth
(aka Joel & Karen Garcia)

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