Ready for RealWorldHero 2011?

It’s such a busy world we live in! So much has happened in both the real world and our virtual favorites over the past few months. But it is nice that some things stick around to keep us grounded from year to year. Hopefully the Real World Hero Charity Drive is becoming such a thing for you. I know it has become one of my favorite yearly activities!

We began with a secret goal of raising $1000 in 2009 and you blew that out of the water by giving ten times as much, over $10,000 to charity! Then you gave a repeat performance in 2010 bringing total donations through Real World Hero to over $22,000. I have every confidence that generosity and goodness is alive and well this year. So many people have been asking if we would be doing another charity drive this year. Let me be the first to assure you with a resounding, “YES!” You’ll be hearing more soon…

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