Off to a Tremendous Start!

The charity drive is off to a tremendous start! In the first 24 hours we’ve already raised $772, as much as we raised in the first week last year! People are buzzing about the charities and Real World Hero to encourage involvement. It is absolutely thrilling to see such open support and giving. We already knew that our City of Heroes community is super (pun partially intended), but it is always so nice when we get to see it in action.

Our kick-off party last night was well attended with friends and supporters. Everyone is so excited to participate and spread the word. We spent time talking about the charities and all of the events that will be taking place over the next six weeks. We were paid a visit by one of our favorite red names, the Ocho (Mod08), who handed out gold titles to all in attendance (Thanks!). So, if you should see someone running around with “Ask me about Real World Hero” floating above their head you know what to do. Ask them! The titles are conversation starters and will help create awareness of the charity drive. And, yes, donors will have the opportunity to receive their own gold titles starting on Monday, November 29th.

We so glad everyone had a great time at the kick-off party. There is so much more to come, so stick around!

Dancing at the Real World Hero Kickoff Party in the Wentworth Country Club. Screenshot courtesy of Yydr

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