City of Heroes Costume Card – Meat Doctor – Nor Cal Meetup 2010

Attendees were given the exclusive Meat Doctor Costume Code at the 2010 Northern California Meet and Greet, held November 6th at the Elephant and Castle in San Francisco. Whether it’s vivisection or unnecessary surgical exploration, nothing screams “Good Time!” like Meat Doctors. Be the envy of your friends and a terror to your enemies with this brand new costume power. One code permanently unlocks this power on all characters (Heroes and Villains, current and future) for one account.

With this costume change power you can transform into a Meat Doctor at any time to perform those impromptu surgical procedures that pop up unexpectedly as you task force. Or setup shop in a convenient back alleyway to serve the citizens with your newly discovered cosmetic skills. Note that the costume is mutually exclusive with most self-stealth powers, and cannot be used while shape shifted.

Collector’s Item – donated by Firemoth

To bid on this item, place a comment below with the amount of your bid. Use a valid email address so that you can be contacted if you are the winning bid. Don’t forget the rules regarding payment for winning bids!

Bidding ends tonight at Midnight Eastern Time (9:00pm Pacific)!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Winning bidders please wait for email instructions from Real World Hero on how to pay for the item(s) you have won.

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