Awesome Player Alert! @Fantastic Flying Red

I received a message from a player I know that went above and beyond to tell others about Real World Hero. @Fantastic Flying Red does a lot through his workplace in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, and he is a big fan of our support for Operation Gratitude as well. It turns out he is also part of a Civil War reenactment group and took it upon himself to add a message about Real World Hero in the latest newsletter, sent to the 5000 members of that community.

I know this is the “time of giving” and all, but outside my life as a college student, worker bee, reenactor, every so often I get to game.  Yeah I said it, I’m a gamer.  Anyway, one of the renewed projects this year is called real world hero.  Last year our gaming comminity raised over 11,000 for the charities listed.  One that has returned is operation gratitude.  This charity sends care packages to over seas active military. Since we have so many vets and we are a veterans organization, please if you can make a donation.

Visit and click the chipin link. The link to the charity can be found there as well If it asks about a server use infinity.  Through this game I’ve made some really great friends – some of whom I will see when I’m in NOLA and they are a kick a** community.  If you can donate please do, if you can’t you can at least see what your kids are up to when they play that MMORPG.  Thanks All.  Kind of ironic I would be asking for assistance of active duty military today of all days.

Thanks, Red! I know there are a lot of us that have made great friendships through the CoH community. Thanks also for doing so much to tell others about Real World Hero. Go Infinity!

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