Real World Hero is a charity donation drive created by City of Heroes players. In our real lives we are not super-powered, but we can still be super-purposed.

"You guys are by far the best community in the MMO space bar none." - Brian Clayton - Executive Producer & Studio Head, Paragon Studios

There must be something about playing heroes that makes this community so great! - EMpulse - Head of Community Relations, City of Heroes

You Remain Heroes! Continue Good Deeds Of Charity Through Real World Hero & All Worthy Causes!

All Bids Are In Concluding the 2011 Charity Auction

by Mr. Wentworth on December 10, 2011

Auction week has come and gone. The bids have all been tallied and the 2011 Real World Hero Charity Auction has raised $2276.97 for charity.

Thank you to Paragon Studios and all of the people and players that donated items to the auction and placed bids. There were over 1300 bids in all! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the rest for bidding things up. We’re collecting donation receipts and will begin shipping items to the winners this coming week.

But the Real World Hero Charity Drive is far from over! Donations can still be made through December 30th, 2011. We’ll be doing more in-game events, so keep your eyes and ears open for the details. Keep spreading the word in-game and out!

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