Charity Details: Donate Games

Founded in February 2009, Donate Games (Tax ID 26-3438815) is a new charitable organization committed to easing the pain of those suffering from orphan diseases such as Chordoma, Progeria, and Rett Syndrome through the donation and resale of used games as well as cash donations.  While many organizations can accept only new games (for the health and safety of the patients receiving contributions), we can accept your new and used games and convert them into funding for those patients in need. Proceeds go to funding orphan disease research and creating support networks for patients around the world.

An “orphan” or rare disease has a prevalence of fewer than 200,000 total affected individuals in the United States. While individually the incidence or rate of a single orphan or rare disease can be quite low, the combined prevalence of orphan diseases can be quite staggering and is estimated to be upwards of 25 million, posing a serious national health concern.

Orphan diseases are typically genetic in origin and either life-threatening or chronically debilitating, but most people are so unaware of them that funding for research and support networks is little to non-existent. There are approximately 8,000 known orphan diseases worldwide. Donate Games goal is to bridge that gap and create awareness for those affected with these devastating diseases.

DonateGames, has continued to evolve their charity efforts and is now GameChanger Charity.

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