A City in Need – NCsoft closure of Paragon Studios and City of Heroes

Dear Heroes and Friends,

We are all stunned by the events from this weekend and we’ve had a lot of you contact us, in and out of game, about the future of Real World Hero. We had just begun preparing for this year’s drive when NCSoft released the news. At this point in time, we’re still determining direction, but we will do -something-. Helping charities will continue to be a passion of ours and we encourage you to remain heroic. In the meantime, please visit the “Save Paragon City!” forum on the Titan Network and support their efforts to save our home.

~Mr & Mrs Wentworth

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  1. Question if I may, would you all be willing to incorporate this charity toward the Cryptic game “Champions Online”? There are many CoH (City of Heroes) refugees making their way over to this game and there are just as many heroes over there (including some you’d probably know from CoH). I myself only found a link to this website through the forum signature banner of a person on the Champions Online forums. Just a positive thought to consider, there’s strength in numbers. 🙂

    1. Hi, Neil!

      Yes, we will be making an effort to transition into Champions Online and other gaming communities. As City of Heroes closes, we are asking our participants to take Real World Hero with them and plant the seed. Sounds like the seed is already taking root in Champions Online and that is great to see. Thanks for the suggestion! We have been holding in game events to promote Real World Hero to the City of Heroes community and are not yet as familiar with Champions Online, but that is our goal. Keep an eye out for us and help spread the word!

  2. I had no idea this site even existed until today. How wonderful!! Will you continue the site IF City of Heroes closes down? I hope you do. Is there anyway I can help to promote your site? Have people been donating this year?

    Thank you for a wonderful site! and keep up the awesome effort!
    We are heroes. This is what we do!!

    1. Thank you, we’re so glad you’ve found us! We do intend to continue operating the Real World Hero charity drive even after the City of Heroes servers go dark, should that come to pass. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you receive announcements of any upcoming events. On the ‘Share’ page of our website you will find various Real World Hero banners you can share and post to your own pages or forum signatures. We haven’t been asking for donations to our sponsored charities yet this year, our event us usually held between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but stay tuned!

  3. Thank you so much for your support by putting the link to the Titan Network up on your website.

    This game has let me meet a ton of people and a few of which have turned into the very best of friends. I’d really hate to lose the game which serves to introduce so many people to each other.

    My whole immediate family plays. My mom will be 60 this year and jokes around in voice chat about being a senior citizen hero.