2011 Donor List

We are pleased to publicly recognize and thank all of the groups and individuals that have given their support to the 2011 Real World Hero drive. You’re all SUPER!


Our most sincere thanks to all of the donors that have contributed to one or more of the charities, including the many anonymous donors.

@ a phoenix

@Allyson Blayze




@Battle Spark
@Battling beastman
@Black Sun 17

@Black Willow1

@Calico Pheline
@Cego Metal

@Chaos Creator
@Chaotic Quills

@Charybdis Clan
@Crazed Drifter


@DJ Coin

@Doctor A Science
@Dr Jukebox

@Dr Morgue
@Dr. Reverend
@Dr. Wentworth

@Dragons Lair
@E1 Diab1o

@Fantastic Flying Red

@Freak Grin


@Glow Plug
@Golden Avariel
@Grae Knight


@Hot as Hell
@Hyperius X


@Irish Cop
@Iron City

@Ja’mara Shadowblight
@John Franks


@Kay Nova

@Kincade Vamour

@Leo Darkheart

@Madame Pistacio

@Major Deej
@Major Wartorn

@miss melee


@Mr. Wentworth

@Ninja Earl 2
@Obsidian Light

@Paris Wentworth


@Quantum Man1
@Raven Darkness



@Shades of Hue

@Strife Fox

@Stupid Fanboy
@Sultry Siren
@Surging Starfall

@Synchronous Knight

@Texas Justice
@The Nocturnal Misfit


@Transcendent One
@Tribal Claw


@Ulysses Dare
@War Base