2010 Real World Hero Charity Drive Wrap-Up

We’ve completed our second annual charity drive!
Total contributions this year reached $12,010!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated. This event would simply not be possible without the incredible support and generosity of the City of Heroes community and our friends at Paragon Studios (especially the OCR Team).

We also have to give extra thanks to the people and businesses that donated items to our first ever charity auction. It was exciting to watch the bids rise higher and higher and see some really great swag and collectibles go for a good cause. So, thank you to TFAW.com, ThinkGeek.com, Jones Soda.com, Merceds Lackey, Melissa “War Witch” Bianco, and Matt “Positron” Miller along with many others.

We encourage everyone to continue supporting the efforts of these charities and any others close to you. Every little bit you do matters very much, big or small.

$4380 raised

$1660 raised

$3260 raised

$2710 raised

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