Real World Hero is a charity donation drive created by City of Heroes players. In our real lives we are not super-powered, but we can still be super-purposed.

"You guys are by far the best community in the MMO space bar none." - Brian Clayton - Executive Producer & Studio Head, Paragon Studios

There must be something about playing heroes that makes this community so great! - EMpulse - Head of Community Relations, City of Heroes

You Remain Heroes! Continue Good Deeds Of Charity Through Real World Hero & All Worthy Causes!

Vote City of Heroes for a Chance to Win!

by Mr. Wentworth on December 7, 2012 is holding their 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards and City of Heroes is nominated in two categories, Best Community and Most Classic MMO. City of Heroes has already climbed the ranks quickly and is battling toward the top spot in both categories.

We would like nothing better than to see City of Heroes take top honors, but we’ve also thought of a way you can be a winner, too!

Below you will find information on how to enter a contest to win a Commemorative AP33 Unity Rally Patch! You can earn multiple entries by completing each of the tasks listed in the giveaway widget below. Yes, it’s a real world task force!

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Temporary Post Sunset Blues…

by Mr. Wentworth on December 4, 2012

Many of you were most likely logged in for the final moments of City of Heroes before the servers were shut down. We were. It was both uplifting and heart wrenching. We all know what made it a sad time. The MMO community we have called home for so many years was at an end (though we do hope it becomes a temporary closure.) But the day was exciting, nonetheless, because the world was full of life!

There were so many people present that day,. Our global lists hadn’t seen so much green in quite some time! We were able to reconnect with several old friends. Many sent touching messages of thanks for the work we’ve done for charity. Even more made promises to remain heroes regardless of where they might go. It was yet another example of the City of Heroes community in action and the way the players interact to inspire one another. Check out the absolutely awesome quote The Korean Times used from author and CoH advocate, Mercedes Lackey, “The City of Heroes community evolved over time to become one in which sharing was the norm, helping was second-nature, and cooperation was commonplace.” (link to article) This is so hard to make clear to someone that didn’t play the game and didn’t experience it firsthand, but it is truly the case. 

This cooperation and caring is what makes a charity drive like Real World Hero come to life and thrive! Donations seem a little lower this year. Shouldn’t that bother us? Well, we did begin the drive earlier than usual so that we could share it within the community while City of Heroes was still online and we know we’re not the only ones that spent a lot of time thinking about the game closure these past couple of months.  The end of CoH was disappointing enough. Real World Hero is doing just fine!

We’re always saying thank you to everyone that supports Real World Hero. But, truly, THANK YOU! Please keep in touch wherever you go and wherever you game. You are still heroes to so many that receive your generosity and kindness. You will always be heroes to us.

Please remember that the 2012 Real World Hero charity drive doesn’t end until December 15th. Any amount of help is welcome, donations or support. Talk up Real World Hero to your next game community. It might just surprise you to find out that there are more heroes lurking out there than we ever realized.


(FIXED!) ChipIn Issue Preventing Donations

November 19, 2012

The ChipIn service we have used to process donations for the past four years has experienced an interruption today. We do not yet know if this is a temporary condition and are looking in to alternatives to keep the Real World Hero charity drive running until December 15th as planned. Hold tight while we figure […]

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Real World Hero 2012 and Beyond: Here We Go!

November 6, 2012

The 2012 Real World Hero Charity Drive is underway! Things are a little different this year, because of the pending closure of the City of Heroes MMO which has been our home for the past several years. Still, we are determined to continue on and have felt the support of quite a number of our […]

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The 4th Annual Charity Drive is Coming!

October 12, 2012

The 4th Annual Real World Hero Charity DriveNovember 1, 2012 through December 15, 2012 We are heroes. This is what we do! The City of Heroes community continues to be our inspiration and home as it has been since the beginning. Preparations are being made for the 4th annual Real World Hero Charity Drive, even […]

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Call to Action: Contact NCsoft Directly

September 14, 2012

The #SaveCOH movement has posted the latest in a series of action items for supporters. Be sure to visit the Titan Network and read it for yourself.,5161.0.html

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Paragon Studios: Dinner’s On Us!

September 13, 2012

Hello Heroes! This donation goal has been reached in under three hours! It is time for the next #SaveCOH action item. Actually, the goal is to make sure that the Paragon Studios team knows just how much they are appreciated. We can’t all join them for a farewell roast, but we can take care of […]

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A City in Need – NCsoft closure of Paragon Studios and City of Heroes

September 4, 2012

Dear Heroes and Friends, We are all stunned by the events from this weekend and we’ve had a lot of you contact us, in and out of game, about the future of Real World Hero. We had just begun preparing for this year’s drive when NCSoft released the news. At this point in time, we’re […]

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All Bids Are In Concluding the 2011 Charity Auction

December 10, 2011

Auction week has come and gone. The bids have all been tallied and the 2011 Real World Hero Charity Auction has raised $2276.97 for charity. Thank you to Paragon Studios and all of the people and players that donated items to the auction and placed bids. There were over 1300 bids in all! Congratulations to […]

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Awesome Player Alert! @Fantastic Flying Red

December 7, 2011

I received a message from a player I know that went above and beyond to tell others about Real World Hero. @Fantastic Flying Red does a lot through his workplace in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, and he is a big fan of our support for Operation Gratitude as well. It turns out he […]

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